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First airing in 2001, Scrubs continued for nine seasons with 2010 being its official end. While it’s always sad to see a great comedy series call it a day it’s important to appreciate the memories that remain. At the time of writing I have watched and enjoyed seven seasons worth of Scrubs and from those experiences I have compiled what are, for me, the ten best moments. My choices contain many of Scrubs’ magical ingredients:- an obligatory rant from Dr Cox, a taste of the brilliant range of backing music and, of course, those occasions when the laughs are put to one side and the reality of hospital life hits you hard.

Dr Cox Loses Three Patients

After watching Ben’s funeral in Season 3, I never expected Scrubs to get any sadder until I watched Season 5. Though the series reflects the highs and lows of trying to save lives on a frequent basis, the tragedy of losing patients is not better conveyed than in this scene. For all his amusing rants and condescension to everyone he speaks with, Dr Cox (John C. McGinley) proves just how much he cares about his patients, particularly when things go wrong.

In the episode, Dr Cox is leading the staff in keeping a group of patients alive while they await organ donors. JD (Zach Braff) encounters a former patient, Jill Tracy, who later ends up in the hospital and dies from a suspected drug overdose. Her death provides the organs Dr Cox needs for the other patients and transplants immediately take place. Only after an autopsy on Jill’s body is the true cause of her death revealed – rabies. Dr Cox is soon faced with three patients with infected organs and they each succumb to the disease in turn. Earlier in the episode, Dr Cox was quick to reassure JD that Jill’s supposed overdose was not down to his neglect of her needs. JD in turn tries to help Dr Cox when two of the three patients have died. Just when it seems JD is going to pull Dr Cox through, the last of the three patients dies causing Dr Cox to completely lose control, throwing equipment aside before resting both hands on his head, dejectedly. The magnitude of the deaths is too much for Dr Cox who walks away from the hospital, turning only briefly to face JD, with tears in his eyes, before leaving Sacred Heart behind. With The Fray’s “How To Save A Life” playing in the background coupled with McGinley’s excellent performance, this is Scrubs’ saddest moment but by far one of its most powerful.

Top Ten so far:-

1) Dr Cox Loses Three Patients

2) Dance Montage

3) Guy Love

4) Ben’s Funeral

5) Dominican Tango

6) Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

7) Kelso temorarily loses his hearing

8) Dr Cox says “No!”

9) Air Band

10) Jordan reveals all

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