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First airing in 2001, Scrubs continued for nine seasons with 2010 being its official end. While it’s always sad to see a great comedy series call it a day it’s important to appreciate the memories that remain. At the time of writing I have watched and enjoyed seven seasons worth of Scrubs and from those experiences I have compiled what are, for me, the ten best moments. My choices contain many of Scrubs’ magical ingredients:- an obligatory rant from Dr Cox, a taste of the brilliant range of backing music and, of course, those occasions when the laughs are put to one side and the reality of hospital life hits you hard.

Revelations From Jordan

Dr Cox’s ex-wife Jordan (Christa Miller) did not feature regularly in the first season. Instead, she became more integral to proceedings in later seasons, particularly when getting back together with Dr Cox (John C. McGinley) and taking on the frightening world of parenting. Fiercely independent and certainly not to be trifled with, Jordan effuses condescending remarks and can even bring terror to both the patronising Dr Cox or the autocratic Dr Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins). At the end of Season One we are given a fine demonstration of just how damaging Jordan can be when fully unleashed.

The end of the first series sees new interns JD (Zach Braff), Turk (Donald Faison) and Elliott (Sarah Chalke) reaching the end of their first year at Sacred Heart. A celebratory toast in the cafeteria with Dr Cox, Bob Kelso and Turk’s girlfriend, Carla (Judy Reyes), seems to be leading to a pleasant conclusion to a great first season. However, each of the characters harbour secrets and Jordan suddenly appears to reveal all of them! As a result of not being invited to the celebrations, Jordan works her way round the table, leaving each of the characters speechless and visibly uncomfortable. After the last of the secrets are out, Jordan says her goodbyes leaving everyone at the table to file away, one by one, unable to speak or barely even look at one another.

Top Ten so far:-

10) Jordan reveals all

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