Top Ten Scrubs Moments #6


First airing in 2001, Scrubs continued for nine seasons with 2010 being its official end. While it’s always sad to see a great comedy series call it a day it’s important to appreciate the memories that remain. At the time of writing I have watched and enjoyed seven seasons worth of Scrubs and from those experiences I have compiled what are, for me, the ten best moments. My choices contain many of Scrubs’ magical ingredients:- an obligatory rant from Dr Cox, a taste of the brilliant range of backing music and, of course, those occasions when the laughs are put to one side and the reality of hospital life hits you hard.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

When telling someone that they’re wrong about something it’s always difficult to know how to gauge things. Do you respect their opinion and politely question its validity? Or do you offer a firm dismissal and risk offending the person? If you’re Dr Cox (John C. McGinley) the second option will always be the preferred one, but he somehow takes it to extremes while still managing to raise a smile (for us anyway, not the recipient).

Turk’s girlfriend, Carla (Judy Reyes), is on the receiving end as Dr Cox repeats the word “wrong” over and over but mimicking the sound of a chiming clock. There’s simply no comeback from Carla who walks away from Dr Cox before he has finished, not that that stops him completing one of his most amusing rants.

Top Ten so far:-

6) Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

7) Kelso temorarily loses his hearing

8) Dr Cox says “No!”

9) Air Band

10) Jordan reveals all

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