Top Ten Blackadder Moments #3

Blackadder II

I do love comedy especially when it comes to a sitcom. Over the years I’ve enjoyed some truly wonderful series such as Fawlty Towers, Father Ted, Spaced, Scrubs and Peep Show but if you were to ask me for my personal favourite I will always say Blackadder. Though the first series was good it didn’t mark Blackadder out as one of the great comedies it later became. Rowan Atkinson relinquished himself of writing duties for the second series while Richard Curtis joined with Ben Elton and together they fashioned the most brilliant comedy I have ever seen. Series 2 is my favourite but 3 and 4 are not far behind. The historical settings are also a plus but the genius of Blackadder is the script and the delivery by such comical geniuses as Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. It’s been a challenge but I have compiled my ten favourite moments from this comedy masterpiece. ‘I have a cunning plan’ dear readers, why don’t you share this gem with the rest of the world.

“It’s Green!”

In episode four of Blackadder II entitled Money Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) finds himself in a spot of bother with the Black Monks who he owes £1,000 to. The Bishop of Bath and Wells (Ronald Lacey) comes to collect the debt, promising Blackadder he will have a hot poker shoved up his bottom if he doesn’t pay up. Blackadder makes various attempts to make the £1,000 but is frequently distracted by messages from Queen Elizabeth I (Miranda Richardson) who summons him to court to play some practical jokes. When going down the docks with Baldrick (Tony Robinson) to do “favours for sailors” brings in only six pence, Blackadder becomes desperate for a reprieve.

Trying to help Blackadder pay off his debt is Lord Percy (Tim McInnerny) who decides in the space of an afternoon he will discover the secret of alchemy and turn lead into gold. Blackadder questions his friend’s ambition arguing that this “secret has eluded some of the finest minds since the dawn of time” yet Percy is confident he’ll find the answer. After yet another visit to see Elizabeth I, Blackadder returns home and finds Percy who insists he has created gold. Blackadder goes for a closer look at a makeshift lab Percy has set up. When Percy reveals the elusive gold we find a green glow! Blackadder then gives Percy an insightful lesson in the difference between gold and green before dismissing him as “an utter berk.” This is another classic Blackadder moment.

Top Ten so far:-

3) It’s Green

4) Great Boo

5) Dr Johnson’s Dictionary

6) Bagged Up

7) Lord Flashheart’s Unforgettable Entrance

8) Blackadder on Trial

9) Captain Rum

10) Suicide Pills

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