Top Ten Blackadder Moments #8

Blackadder Goes Forth

I do love comedy especially when it comes to a sitcom. Over the years I’ve enjoyed some truly wonderful series such as Fawlty Towers, Father Ted, Spaced, Scrubs and Peep Show but if you were to ask me for my personal favourite I will always say Blackadder. Though the first series was good it didn’t mark Blackadder out as one of the great comedies it later became. Rowan Atkinson relinquished himself of writing duties for the second series while Richard Curtis joined with Ben Elton and together they fashioned the most brilliant comedy I have ever seen. Series 2 is my favourite but 3 and 4 are not far behind. The historical settings are also a plus but the genius of Blackadder is the script and the delivery by such comical geniuses as Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. It’s been a challenge but I have compiled my ten favourite moments from this comedy masterpiece. ‘I have a cunning plan’ dear readers, why don’t you share this gem with the rest of the world.

Blackadder on Trial

In the second episode of Blackadder Goes Forth entitled Corporal Punishment Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) finds himself facing the firing squad after shooting a carrier pigeon delivering a message to the trenches. Realising too late that the shooting of carrier pigeons is punishable by death Blackadder eats the pigeon only for General Melchett (Stephen Fry) and Captain Darling (Tim McInnerny) to appear and find feathers in the trench. The late pigeon is revealed to be Melchett’s childhood friend Speckled Jim and after learning Blackadder has killed the pigeon Melchett has him imprisoned to await trial.

Due to a mix-up from Baldrick (Tony Robinson) delivering two letters to the wrong places, Blackadder receives a sponge bag from the finest lawyer in legal history while George (Hugh Laurie) arrives to lead the defence of his captain in court! The trial itself is something of a farce with Blackadder believing he may escape the death penalty until Melchett emerges as the judge! Blackadder is left with a completely useless lawyer in George while Baldrick is a witness that proves equally inept when he takes Blackadder’s words “deny everything Baldrick” too literally and does indeed deny everything including his own name! The outcome of the trial is inevitable but it doesn’t stop Melchett taking a stand in the witness box and emotionally recounting his beloved Speckled Jim. It’s a fantastic scene with the mainstays of Blackadder Goes Forth all assembled together and showing off their respective comic talents.

Top Ten so far:-

8) Blackadder on Trial

9) Captain Rum

10) Suicide Pills

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