Top Ten Flight of the Conchords Songs #2

Flight of the Conchords

Mrs B and I first discovered Flight of the Conchords in late 2009 when my wife received a box set for Christmas. Entering 2010 we immediately indulged ourselves with the adventures of the New Zealand folk duo, Jemaine (Jemaine Clement) and Bret (Bret McKenzie), who are in New York trying to win an American audience after limited success back home i.e. the second most popular folk group in New Zealand. It took about two episodes but we were soon hooked and looking back now just over a year later it seemed an appropriate time to share our ten favourite Flight of the Conchords songs. If you’ve never seen the show you are in for a treat my friends.

Hurt Feelings (Series 2 – Episode 3: The Tough Brets)

In this episode Bret (Bret McKenzie) makes the mistake of criticising rappers and is warned by Murray (Rhys Darby) that the rappers may hit back. Bret becomes so concerned he forms his own gang for protection against any rapper retribution. Meanwhile Murray is continually harassed by a group of Australians from the Australian consulate and looks for ways to stand up to them. The song “Hurt Feelings” features twice in the episode. It is used at the end when Murray and Jemaine (Jemaine Clement) sing it to the Australians but its best use comes when Murray is criticising the group for a recent performance where they insulted rappers.

Dave says:

This is actually my favourite Flight of the Conchords song and whenever I hear it I always want to sing along. It’s only finished no.2 in this list as Mrs B wears the trousers in this relationship and there is one other song she prefers. Jemaine and Bret each tell two stories apiece about incidents in their life when they were let down by friends and family and how these incidents led to them having hurt feelings. Picking a favourite from the four events is difficult but Jemaine waiting for a call from his mum on his birthday is great as is Bret wanting to go out with friends but finding everyone is busy. I particularly enjoy the random moment Bret and Jemaine are dressed up like Mozart and Bret sings as if he has a bad throat. Final point is thanks to Mrs B I happen to be the proud owner of that funky red T-shirt of Bret’s with the polar bear on. Just thought I’d share that.

Mrs B says:

Have you ever been told that your ass is too big? Have you ever been told your hair looks like a wig? Well, no to both the former and the latter, though someone did once tell me that my hair made me look like a King Charles Spaniel. However, I get the general message: it’s easy to have your feelings hurt and often it’s done involuntarily because some people just don’t think before they speak. So, next time it happens, a quick blast of ‘I’ve got hurt feelings!’ should make them think twice in future!

Top Ten so far:-

2) Hurt Feelings

3) Bret, You Got it Going on

4) Not Crying

5) Inner City Pressure

6) You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute

7) Cheer Up, Murray

8) Leggy Blonde

9) Think About It

10) Business Time

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