A Soundtrack to My Life: Top 5 “Stop Me In My Tracks” Songs


Sitting in a cafe this morning Thomas Newman’s ‘Any Other Name’ began to play.  I was instantly transported to another period in my life.  Even before I recalled the film that this formed part of the soundtrack to (American Beauty), I was remembering instances I’d heard this: the locations, the people I’d been with, the feelings I’d had.

I realised that we probably all have a soundtrack of songs that catapult us to places in our past.  So, here’s the Top 5 tracks of the Soundtrack to My Life – not necessarily my top five favourite songs but five songs to stop me in my tracks with a smile or a tear.

Song: Wild World – Cat Stevens

Why? My mother used to sing it to me

The Drugs Don’t Work – Verve

Why? It reminds me of a lonelier time (which nothing to do with drugs!)

Song: Any Other Name – Thomas Newman

Why? It marks a particular period in my twenties

Song: Mr Brightside – The Killers

Why? It marks the first time I knew David was more than just David

Song: All I Want is You – Barry Louis Polisar

Why? Because I walked down the aisle to it

What are some of the tunes from the Soundtrack of Your Life?

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