Crazy things my cats have done…


It’s been a while since I shared a cat post (shame on me) so I thought I’d share these two videos.  They pretty much sum up the characters of two of the cats perfectly.

One of them, Kain, wants to go out all the time.  But then he wants back in. Then out, then in, then out.  So he’s developed this neat trick of showing you when he wants out or in.

Trust me, this really spooks people when they see a cat in the street suddenly try to open a door!

Buggles, by contrast, isn’t interested in going out.  He had a very troubled few weeks as a kitten, which led to him being abandoned and – as far as we know – scavenging.  The poor sweetheart also lost an eye as the result of ‘blunt force trauma’ – most likely somebody kicking him the vet believed.  As a result, he’s always had a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food – i.e, wanting to eat everything.  This video was filmed because nobody believed he tried to steal pickled onion Monster Munch – as you can see, he wants it!

Don’t worry – he didn’t eat it and he got a cat chew instead!  Thankfully, now he’s two and has learned that there is always food available (though not always on demand), his approach to food is getting better all the time.  The days of him running away with anything he could still and hide (be it food, a dishcloth,  a pack of pocket tissues…) are long gone.  He certainly hasn’t lost his naughty streak though…

Yep – I love my cats…. but they sure are crazy!

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