Guest Post: The Other Side of Songwriting – Kevin M. Kirker


It’s my absolute pleasure to welcome an extremely talented musician to the blog today. ┬áKevin M. Kirker is sharing a wonderful guest post, plus an amazing video. Enjoy!

The Other Side of Songwriting – Kevin M. Kirker

Among musicians, there is a phrase that gets repeated very often. Variations of it includes ”I do this only to express myself.” and ”I do this for me. If people happen to like it, then that’s fine.” While I am in no way saying this approach is bad or doesn’t produce results, it’s never been a philosophy that I agree with. To me, the most important aspect of music has always been the communal aspect. Somewhere along the way, it became popular to have this very nonchalant attitude about trying to connect with people when it came to music. In my opinion, there is much more to be gained when you embrace it.

From personal experience, I find that it’s simply far too easy to hit the point in which you satisfy yourself. Even if you are a perfectionist to the highest degree, the additional challenge you will present yourself when asked ”How can I satisfy other people as well as myself?” will be monumental. In trying to reach this point, I think you will gain the most important thing of all from this approach: self growth. When you try to understand what people need to grow from and learn from music, you yourself will grow, learn, and understand it more as well. I typically find that this approach blossoms subliminally in both you and your listener. You will see that there is something in the songs you didn’t notice before, a yearning desire to be understood and to connect.

I realize that a lot of these words may come across as metaphysical or spiritual in nature, but I mean them in the most practical way possible. And I also realize that it’s the rebellious nature of the musician that makes them tick. But, next time you are completely satisfied, try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You might find something new.

About Kevin M. Kirker
Kevin M. Kirker is a multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter focusing on the harp. Kevin was born and raised in California. His music incorporates odd structures, non-linear narratives, unusual arrangements, and stories based on real events in a folk context.

He has three albums, available online and in most streaming services.

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  1. I've never heard a singer/songwriter who plays the harp before. Kevin certainly has a unique sound and I find his music quite captivating. This song has a simple, but effective melody, with some interesting harmony underneath.

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