Biannual Blogathon Bash – Here’s what’s in store! #blogathon2


I found out about the Biannual Blogathon Bash (#blogathon2 if you’d like to follow on Twitter) had this idea that it would be fantastic to spend 24 hours over a 72 hour period working on the blog and getting through some of those things that constantly sit on the to-do list. Dave and I merged blogs last month but the problem with merging two blogs is you are bringing together two different formatting and structure styles. On top of that, we went for a complete redesign so everything was different.

Therefore, my to-do list has had one big heavy job weighing it down since then: reformat the posts. I don’t expect to get all 800 (yep, you read it right…) done this weekend but I’d like to make substantial headway.

Blogathon to do list

  • Job number one: reformat at least 100 posts.
  • Job number two: I was originally pinning the books I’d reviewed to Pinterest but I realised I need to go back and look at all the books I did before I started this process and do those too.
  • Job number three: check for broken links. I recently found out about this amazing plugin that helps you detect broken links on your blog, so I intend to install it and fix any.
  • The final job: tidy up my media library. Yes, I am one of those naughty people who upload images with silly names (like IMG76355.jpg) and can never find them again, so I will be fixing that.

I realise I probably couldn’t achieve everything in the full 72 hours, let alone 24, but I certainly intend to do as much as I can and I’ve tried to set a realistic goal for each ‘job’. Below you can see my progress bars.

Blogathon goals

  • Number of hours to complete: 24
  • Number of book images pinned: 50
  • Number of posts formatted: 100
  • Media library progress: 100
  • Mini-challenge progress: 5

Essentials at the ready?

The final thing I need to do before I begin is check off the essentials:

  • Lots of chocolate? Check!
  • Even more caffeine? Check!
  • Understanding husband who knows I’m going to be glued to the laptop? Check
  • Good bottle of red wine to toast each completed goal? Check

Good luck everyone!

Good luck to each and everyone taking part in the Biannual Blogathon Bash! Don’t forget to join in on Twitter (#blogathon2) and you can also complete my ‘Make Twitter Work For Your Blog’ mini-challenge if you’d like to! ¬†I hope you’ll leave a comment with a link back to your own Biannual Blogathon Bash post!

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  1. Great goals Donna – best of luck to you! I also use Broken Link Checker (one of my planned updates for the weekend) – it is great but be aware that it only catches certain types of things (and it sometimes gives false positives so double check before deleting) – one of my maintenance jobs this weekend is going through old posts looking for the types of links I have discovered it misses!

  2. I love this! Where did you get the progress tracker! That's awesome, and I have other posts (like a summer reading challenge) that I could use something like that with!

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