Game News: New Trailer for Legends of Dawn (Dreamatrix)

Legends of Dawn

Dreamatrix have unveiled a new trailer for their RPG Legends of Dawn this week. Legends of Dawn is described as an “exciting Fantasy RPG Action Adventure set in Narr, a unique and open  Fantasy world”.

Trailer: Legends of Dawn

About Legends of Dawn
Legends of DawnLegends of Dawn is an exciting Fantasy RPG Action Adventure set in Narr, a unique and open Fantasy world. More than a hundred intriguing locations like dark dungeons, mysterious monster camps and flying islands await discovery. Experience the world in a classic 3rd person point of view.

Be blown away by the fantastic tale of treason and fear in Legends of Dawn. Equip your character in one of the various cities and get new quests from any of the teeming NPCs. You will be forced to use creativity and innovative fighting styles to solve missions and survive. Mage or Knight will work together without class restrictions – it is up to you to combine your skills and create the perfect fighting style to defeat more than 150 different opponent types. But. . . be careful. Your enemies will change tactics (because of different weather conditions or the day & night cycle, for example). They guarantee continuous surprises. Solve more than 100 quests and get the answers to all secrets of the Legends of Dawn.

Legends of Dawn is due for release in Q3, 2012.

Legends of Dawn Duels Website
About Dreamatrix

Discovering new worlds and innovation is part of the Dreamatrix soul, whether it is creating addictive games or trying out new business models. Dreamatrix is independent company dedicated to production and publishing of fun games of all genres. Under its wing is a game development studio, numerous IPs and advanced engine built entirely in-house. The company has already produced over a dozen titles establishing a worldwide presence through its partners like Take 2 Interactive, Akella, EA, RTL Playtainment, Dreamcatcher, DTP Entertainment, LogRus etc.

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