PhotoADay July 2012

Photo a Day July – Day Eight: Lunch #photoadayjuly

The “Photo A Day July” challenge is an opportunity to take snapshots of 31 seemingly straightforward aspects of your life in a fun/interesting/unique way. You can see my other posts here.

Day Eight: Lunch

I knew we were having a large tea so lunch today was simply melon – a lovely summer lunch! Of course, this light and healthy summer lunch was completely offset by an unhealthy takeaway and a bottle of beer later on. Well… you can’t have it all, right?

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Donna Brown

Ever developing teacher and learner (online and offline!). Avid reader/audiobook listener, fan of podcasts, prone to the odd Netflix binge. Mum to six crazy and incredible rescue cats. Married to Dave and his co-author of Man vs Cat, a book about - you guessed it - our cats (or rather their unusual take on the world). Occasional writer of short stories.
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