PhotoADay July 2012

Photo a Day July – Introduction and Day One: Self-Portrait #photoadayjuly

Imagine! 11 p.m. at night, idling on Facebook and lo! What is this I see? A “Photo A Day July” challenge!

I love Instagram and I love Pinterest and I love photographs. Can there possibly be a downside? Well, kind of. There is a list, so you need to get a little inventive with your photos and you also need to be disciplined to stick to every day. Beyond that? It’s all good!

The “Photo A Day July” challenge is an opportunity to take snapshots of 31 seemingly straightforward aspects of your life in a fun/interesting/unique way. You can see my other posts here.

Day One: Self-portrait – tattoo

Cat tattoo
My cats are extremely important to me so when I got my final tattoo last year, it seemed only fitting to get something to mark all the joy they have brought to my life. From lovely cat Cookie and grumpy girl Judy (both sadly passed) and now to Charlie, Buggles, Razz, Kain, Frodo and Bilbo,  they have given me immeasurable love and brought me immeasurable joy. I feel that they Рlike many others I have encountered in my life Рhelped shaped me and I will never forget that.

Author: Donna Brown Donna is a longtime book lover and sometime book reviewer and has devoured books from an early age. She writes short (or long) stories as and when inspiration hits and is married to fantasy author David M. Brown (Fezariu's Epiphany, A World Apart). She was also co-contributor to David's book, Man vs Cat, a humorous look at life with six rambunctious rescue cats. Donna has lived in many different areas of the UK over the last 30-something years but has remained in Yorkshire for the past decade. She ardently disputes the misnomer that 'It's grim up north'.

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  1. Gail Baugniet
    Gail Baugniet 3 years ago .Reply

    Love the kitty tattoo! If I had tattoos, one would be a white cat and one would be a brown yorkie-pom . . . both the same size.

    • Donna Brown
      Donna Brown 3 years ago .Reply

      Thanks Gail! That sounds like a great pair of tattoos in the making!

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