#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts: #11 – Greed

Cat with money

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#BlogFlash2012: #11 Greed


One of the Seven Deadly Sins and one I do my best not to be guilty of. As a writer, I hope to be successful but I have no desire to have the millions that the likes of JK Rowling have. That’s not what writing should be about.

If you offered me the chance to write full-time, earn enough money to live then I would accept without question. I wouldn’t know what to do with millions in my bank account. It would likely end up donated to various charities that really need it.




I admit I can be greedy. A cheeky cake to go with the latte. An extra glass of wine. Another new book. All things I could do without. I like to think that when it counts, though, all thoughts of greed vanish. My husband and I sold our wedding rings to pay for vet treatment our cat urgently needed. We reasoned that love is not bound up in a possession but in what we feel for one another – what we do for one another. Saving our cat bound us more than those rings ever could and therefore means much much more.

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  1. Your post is just inspiring! I love that your kitty represents your togetherness more than a ring. Say's more about you two than a wedding ring ever could.

    And Dave; I am rather materialistic (used to work and dream at Harrods) and would have a blast spending £££, given a chance! However I know that if I earnt enough doing writing to live, I would be extremely happy. Luckily, at mo I am in a job I love even though it's very poorly paid but as Jessie J say's 'It's not about the money, money, money' . . . Very thoughtful posts from you both. xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Lizzie.

      Yes, the rings were insignificant when Kain was ill. He's improving now so it was worth it :)

      I think my worst paid jobs have been the ones I have enjoyed the most :) I'll keep pursuing the dream of writing full-time for the rest of my life but I am very happy with what my books have achieved so far. Lucky as well I should add to that :)

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