#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts: #22 – On Holiday

Elephant family, Masai Mara, Kenya

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#BlogFlash2012: #22 On Holiday


I love to travel and still rank my month going through Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I travelled alone which I could never have imagined doing but somehow I got through it.

Australia and New Zealand had been top of my travel list for some time and exceeded all my expectations. Next up will hopefully be Japan. I long to see the Land of the Rising Sun for so many reasons – the scenery, the culture, the people, the history and the anime.



Hoping to escape –

Only need a weekend.

Longer if possible.

I’ll pack light, I know

Dave will pack lighter.

Airplane to Germany…

Yes, my perfect break!


Do you think love is sweet? Why or why not?

Love is sweet… but it is also sticky. Enjoy that sweetness. Bank those sweet moments so you can draw on them during the sticky times. It cannot feel sweet every day but you can appreciate the sweetness of love every day. With commitment and patience, the sweetness will take you through the sticky patches.

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  1. Love the final words here: >> I long to see the Land of the Rising Sun for so many reasons – the scenery, the culture, the people, the history and the anime.<< after my daughters birthday tea she complained about her friends talking about anime so much!! LOL.

    And… How I value weekend escapes… just a tiny slice of a getaway will often do for me, too!

    Happy Wednesday… enjoying your BlogFlash entries!

    1. Thanks for commenting Julie.

      I'm sorry anime annoyed your daughter. I've been watching them for years. I love all things Japan :)

      Weekend escapes are just as pleasant as holidays. I'd rather have a holiday as a luxury once every 2-3 years, but weekend escapes a lot more often :)

  2. David, you have visited some of the places I would most like to see – Australia being the top. My cousin spent a semester there in college. I was completely jealous! Japan is somewhere my husband and I would both like to see as well. We are both drawn to the culture and style.

    1. Thanks for commenting Angela.

      I know you would love Australia. I decided since I was flying all that way it would be sensible to see New Zealand at the same time. In many ways I preferred NZ. Pretty much every town on the south island I could have lived in. The scenery was breathtaking.

      Hope you make it to Australia and Japan real soon :)

  3. I also love to travel. Singapore is my favourite destination. A whole world of delights in one place :-)

    I thought both posts were good, but for me, Donna's perfect break wins today x.

    1. Thanks for commenting Lesley.

      I loved Singapore even though it was only a brief stay there on the way to New Zealand.

      I agree with you. Donna's post was the better one today. I think she's outshone me throughout August. To think she doesn't believe she's a good writer!

  4. Love your post and would love to visit the countries you have experienced. .I travelled to Edingburgh (not a million miles away) on my own and the experience was amazing; meeting peple, sharing so really I wasn't on my own for long but would love to go with Hubby. x

    Packing light for a weekend away is perfect! xxx

    1. Thanks for commenting Lizzie.

      I don't think it matters where you go so long as you get the feel of a place. I'd rather explore a new country in depth than just spend a couple of weeks sunbathing.

      Hope you and your hubby go travelling real soon and take in the likes of Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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