#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts: #3 – Colour


This month Mr B and I are taking part in #BlogFlash2012, run by Terri Giuliano Long.

The idea is simple: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts. Every day there’s a new visual prompt and you have to produce 50-100 words on the theme. The beauty of it is, you can produce anything from a simple anecdote to a piece of flash fiction.

There’s also a Facebook page so you can follow along and swap links.

I am also taking part in NaBloPoMo August.


#BlogFlash2012: #3 Colour


The question “What is your favourite color?” is not one you want to get wrong at the Bridge of Death as Arthur and his knight found out in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I suppose given the choice I would have to choose purple. I’m not really sure why.

The football team I support – Barnsley FC – are known as the Reds and I have no purple attire, but there is something about the color that I love. Perhaps that’s why one of the races in my novels – the Legantkians – have purple hair!.





Things that bring colour to my life:

My husband David

My six rescue cats: Razz, Kain, Buggles, Charlie, Frodo and Bilbo

My family/friends

My work

My love of books

If there are days when it seems that things are a little grey, I try and think about all of the things that bring colour to my life. Then the world seems brighter.



What is the sweetest thing someone did for you today?

My husband brought me a cup of tea in bed because I was bleary eyed and struggling to wake up. Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest.

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  1. Wow, you guys did it again! I love this whole side by side posting. I love both of you being on one blog, it is so cool.. wish the ManBeast would jump on board! Thanks for getting this together with Terri, Donna!

  2. Again, two wonderful entries for the price of one. Purple is my fav colour too (well along with royal- I'm sure I can 2 favs) and the holy Grail is awesome! 'We are the Knights of the Ni' adn I absolutely adore how you have used the colour as in those people/pets around you who generate such feeling and warmth eg colour. Beautiful.

    I always look forward to your entries now and sooo glad I found you and that I signed up to this. xxx

  3. I think I'm trying to force my love of purple on Elizabeth. I wanted to avoid the whole "pink" thing when she was born so we did her room in purple instead :-)

    Donna, great thoughts on color! I love the idea of remembering what brings color to life. My take on color was a bit on the dark side :(

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