The Worst Witch

Literary Love Giveaway Hop: Asterix and the Banquet and The Worst Witch

The Literary Love Giveaway Hop event is being co-hosted by Views From the ‘Ville and Money Saving Mindy. See the linky at the bottom of the post for details of other blogs taking part in this great event!

About the Literary Love Giveaway Hop

The Literary Love Giveaway Hop “lets you show off the love of your favorite book, whether it be a current bestseller or that great book from childhood that has stuck with you all these years“.

Hmm, now this could be tricky because obviously Mr B and I share this blog but we have different favourite books from childhood. So we decided to showcase both!

As we’re in the UK, a swag themed giveaway is out due to postage issues, so we’re opting for a $20 Amazon Gift Card. Good luck to everyone!


Asterix and the Banquet

Asterix and the Banquet

When the Romans say no, Asterix says yes. So when the soldiers construct a barricade around Asterix’s village to pen everyone in, he and Obelix embark on a trip around the entire country, collecting local specialties along the way. 

Why you loved it?

It was funny!

Informative – one of my earliest brushes with history.

Which character did you want to be?

Asterix, of course!

Favourite line?

These Romans are Crazy!


The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch

Mildred Hubble’s first term as Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches starts badly. She can’t control her broomstick, her kitten, or her spells, unlike goody-goody Ethel.

Why you loved it?

I wanted to be a witch!

And it had cats in…

Which character did you want to be?

Mildred Hubbard! She was a clutz but everything always worked out in the end

Favourite line?

Don’t recall one but I loved the broomstick races and the spellcasting

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  • Theresa N

    I didn't read the book The Worst Witch, but did see the movie with Tim Curry as the head warlock. Be still my heart, the man can sing and love those dark looks even when he's dressed in black net stockings. (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

    • David M. Brown

      Thanks for commenting Theresa.

      I haven't read the book either but my wife loves it. Tim Curry is a fine actor though hasn't been given enough roles worthy of his talent.

      The Rocky Horror Picture Show remains his greatest achievement. My older brother's ex-girlfriend once complained watching the film, saying it was wrong that Tim Curry had better legs than her!

  • infinitieh

    Love all the Asterix books! I started reading them when I was vacationing in England with my family when I was young.

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