Celebrating Bloggers: The Writing Pilgrim Way

As part of Terri Giuliano Long’s ‘Celebrating Bloggers’ event, we will be sharing our thoughts on Monday and Thursday. Today, David M. Brown talks about bloggers from an authors’ perspective – or rather his trusty friend the Writing Pilgrim does…

Celebrating Bloggers

The Writing Pilgrim clutched a copy of his self-published novel and wandered alone through an uncompromising desert. He had spent the last of his money publishing his work and was now travelling the world in search of reviews.

Celebrating BloggersLater that day he thought he saw a mirage in the form of a series of stalls watched over by merchants. The Writing Pilgrim approached the first one where a rotund merchant with a Machiavellian stare was watching him closely.

‘I want someone to review my book, can you help?’ the Writing Pilgrim asked.

‘For you, sir, I can guarantee you glowing reviews but at a price,’ the merchant replied, scratching his chin. ‘Only positive reviews of your book will help you to be noticed, nothing else.’

‘I’m afraid I have no money.’

‘No money? Then why waste my time? Move along!’

‘Please, is there no one that can help?’

‘I suppose you could try the book bloggers at the far end. They might be able to help you but not as much as I could.’

The Writing Pilgrim tried the next stall which was piled high with dusty books. The merchant behind it was dressed in starry robes and a pointy hat.

‘Here’s my book for you to review,’ the Writing Pilgrim said, placing it on top of the neat pile of books without even glancing at their titles.

The merchant frowned and looked at the book’s cover and then the synopsis on the back.

‘This is a crime/thriller,’ the merchant said. ‘I only read sci-fi/fantasy. Did you not read the review policy on the notice board?’

‘No. I just assumed you’d review and sell my book for me.’

‘That’s not what book bloggers do. You have much to learn. First, your approach is wrong. You didn’t read the notice boards. Had you done so you would have realised my name is Kervin and that I review sci-fi/fantasy. Research a book blogger before you approach them and if you treat them with respect you never know what might happen. Just remember, they spread the word about you. It’s not their job to sell your book.’

‘Okay, thanks.’

The Writing Pilgrim approached various book blogger stalls and read the notice boards only to find they were not interested in crime/thrillers. He began to despair when he suddenly noticed a merchant dressed in a tuxedo, ducking and diving behind his stall and wielding a pistol which he continually aimed at an unseen assailant.

After reading the notice boards, the Writing Pilgrim found the blogger accepted his genre of book and that his name was Hemlock Homes.

‘Are you Hemlock Homes?’ the Writing Pilgrim asked.

‘Yes,’ Hemlock replied, peering nervously above the table. ‘How can I help?’

‘I’ve published a crime novel and was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing it? I checked your notice boards and they said that you enjoy crime/thrillers.’

‘I do. Let’s have look.’ Hemlock put his gun down and glanced through the Writing Pilgrim’s book. ‘This looks interesting. I’d be happy to review it. Would you like a book feature and guest blog as well? I share all my posts across the social networks and even put my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon if you like. I understand reviews on Amazon are highly sought by writers. You can expect an honest opinion from me about your book as well.’

‘How much would all that cost?’

‘Just a copy of your book. Nothing more.’

‘I don’t have to pay anything?’


‘That sounds like a lot of work though. Why would you do all that for my benefit and not ask for anything in return?’

‘Because I’m a book blogger and that’s what we do. I love books and I love to help authors with their work.’

The Writing Pilgrim smiled. ‘Now I understand the need to treat book bloggers well,’ he said. ‘You’re the friends that writers need.’

‘There’s no better way of letting the world know about you and your books than through book blogs,’ Hemlock replied. ‘Give me a week to read your book and you’ll be better known than ever before.’

‘I can’t wait.’

The Writing Pilgrim turned from the stall and smiled for the first time since publishing his book.

Visit Terri Giuliano Long’s blog to find out more about Celebrating Bloggers and find posts from other authors and bloggers.

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Dave Brown

I was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England and have always been a bookworm and enjoyed creative writing at school. In 1999 I created the Elencheran Chronicles and have been writing ever since. My first novel, Fezariu's Epiphany, was published in May 2011. When not writing I'm a lover of films, games, books and blogging. I live in Barnsley, with my wife, Donna, and our six cats - Kain, Razz, Buggles, Charlie, Bilbo and Frodo.
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  1. Thank you David. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this right now. I am seriously almost in tears over here. I've been going through a period of wondering why I am still blogging. I'm not in it for accolades or praise from authors but feeling appreciated once in a while helps make the hours feel like they are worth something.

    1. Thank you Angela. I am glad the post has helped you. I am sorry you are not having a nice time at the moment :( Just remember there are many authors out there that believe in book bloggers. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put in every day :)

  2. See, I was right! We are amazing! Just kidding. (Sorta) Okay, stop! I'm trying to be serious here! That a great post, and I'm not joking. (I am smiling, though. That was really fun to read.)

  3. Hi David, like Coral stated that was covered in awesome and such a delightful tale to acknowledge the writers, the bloggers behind the curtain, like the the wonderful ones here and others. Your words came through and touched the achy soul of a blogger and you gave them a shot of hope again, to be strong and continued into another day and promote great authors like you and others.

    1. Thanks Susanna. I really wanted to do book bloggers justice with this post and I'm pleased that the response has been so positive. I've never been short of support from bloggers and will always be grateful for that :)

  4. I really enjoyed "The Writing Pilgrim" and I'm glad you were able to highlight the one amazing thing about book bloggers — that they do what they do without any sort of payment, except for the chance to read an author's book.

    On the flip side, I'm also glad that many authors take a chance on smaller blogs (like mine) and share their work with us. ^_^

    Cheers to this amazing and supportive community. ^_^

  5. Hi David: Wish I had known about bloggers' role a year ago. It would have saved me sleepless nights and frustration. This has been a wonderful way to educate people about bloggers as well as to acknowledge all they do for authors and the literary world.


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