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Robert Bonville

We’re delighted to welcome Robert Bonville, author Voyages of Malolo, who shares an excerpt and the trailer for his book.

Excerpt: Voyages of Malolo

Chapter One

Late one day, circa 1000 AD, Tikaroa was finding it difficult to see sufficiently to carve the final hieroglyphs into a flat length of reddish colored mahoe wood with his shark tooth tool. The final rays of the setting sun provided waning shards of light into the mouth of his seaside cave and sanctuary as he attempted to complete his work.

Tikaroa a member of the Hanau-momoku or short ears, the oppressed working class, was at one point a much sought after highly skilled stone carver of the monolithic stone statues known as moai. Now a fugitive, he was being hunted by the Hanau-epe the oppressive ruling class known as the long ears.

He was proclaimed guilty of carving sacred prayers into wooden tablets in direct violation of the kapu prohibiting any form of religion or worship other than to the moai, which littered the landscape as a constant reminder to all the people of the island.

The carved wooden tablets known as Rongo contained hieroglyphs, depicting the chants and prayers to the gods of Hawai’iki; Iao the creator, Kane the god of forests and trees, Lono the god of rainfall, agriculture, and music, Ku the god of war, and Tangaroa the god of the sea and others.

Each time a moai was completed; the short ears would make a new Rongo, and secretly distribute it among the other short ears, teaching them and their children about the virtues and kapus of their original deities and not the lifeless stone moai. This practice was proclaimed kapu by the ruling class Hanau-epe and, those committing these crimes were sought out and killed.

This combination cave and workshop was located on a small isolated island located in the southeast Pacific Ocean known to its people as Te-Pito-O-Te-Henua, the island at the navel of the earth also known as Rapa Nui or Easter Island, ruled by Miruta’a, the all powerful head of the long ears.

About Voyages of Malolo (2011)
Voyages of MaloloFor thousands of years before documented history chronicled the achievements of the great Asian and European seafaring explorers the world’s largest geographical attribute, the Pacific Ocean, was being  navigated, explored, and colonized by the intrepid and heroic peoples of the South Seas.

For millennia, their migrations eastward and northward from their origins in Asia, allowed them to discover and populate most of the 20,000 islands considered to be one of the last and final frontiers of habitable earth.  For reasons of famine, religion, overpopulation, war or just the overwhelming human desire for exploration, these passionate and resourceful people set out on perilous voyages in wooden canoes to find new homes and better lives.

During this period in Polynesian history, countless adventures, myths and legends of tragedy, conquest, cataclysmic natural disasters and exploration were told and retold through oral tradition by the memory keepers down through the generations.

In approximately 1000 AD, one such story details the spiritually guided unparalleled epic voyages of a double hulled deep sea sailing canoe and its crew of fourteen courageous loyal men. Lead by Auka’i, a young western Polynesian mariner who is inspired by his discovery of a piece of driftwood, a wooden tablet containing undecipherable but somewhat recognizable hieroglyphic script known  to these primitive people as “Rongo.“

In order to seek out and discover the meaning of the Rongo, the gods directed the creation of a great seagoing canoe appropriately named “Malolo”, (the Flying Fish). Built with great care and quality by expert craftsmen and artisans, this beautiful sleek craft was special in every way, built to withstand everything known and unknown that it could ultimately experience once it began its journey.

With a crew of skilled, handpicked loyal men they set sail eastward on their momentous quest which takes them completely across the South Pacific to the seemingly endless land mass of South America then northward guided by their myths, legends and visions of those they encounter along the way.

Their  heroic adventures including their escape from sacrifice island, their survival of a Tsunami, the revenge of Pele (the fire goddess) and others, describe in historically based detail the wonders, experiences, tragedies, triumphs and discoveries by the men of Malolo during every phase of their voyage including their long and arduous time at sea.

For this intrepid crew of ancient mariners the questions remain; will they ever discover the hidden meaning of the wooden tablet according to the will of their gods, will their journey return them once again to their tiny Western Pacific island, and will their epic adventure be worth all their suffering and loss?

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About Robert Bonville
Robert BonvilleBorn at the beginning of war with Japan, and being raised as a service brat, Robert and his family lived in various places in the US including a short time in Hawaii in the early 50’s. Later during his military service Robert volunteered for an Ice Breaking expedition to Antarctica where he visited a number of Polynesian Islands, both going to and returning from the Ice.

After a stint in the US Coast Guard and attending college on the GI Bill, Robert began a productive 37 year career with Honeywell in Aerospace and Defense. Highlights included critical assignments on both Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs for NASA.

Now living in SE Arizona with his wife Linda, Robert obviously enjoys writing, gardening, gourd art and cooking. Robert and Linda have together 4 adult children, 8 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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