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Amador Lockdown
About Amador Lockdown (2011)
Amador LockdownSomething has moved into the Amador Hotel. Hector, Marcos, Bev, and Tony of the Paranormal Posse are called in to either debunk the haunting or get rid of whatever is causing the problems. With the surprise arrival of Hector’s son, he tries to keep his professional and personal lives separate, but whatever is haunting the Amador Hotel has other plans.

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Review: Amador Lockdown

I don’t find American horror films particularly scary and haven’t done for many years now. Whenever I have the inclination to be terrified I turn to South Korean and Japanese horror films which always leave me unnerved. It’s a while since I read horror and I don’t recall the last time I read a ghost story so I was intrigued by Amador Lockdown. The novel focuses on the Paranormal Posse – a quartet of friends that investigate the spooky and paranormal. At the outset they are giving a tour in an eerie graveyard but they go further afield when they are given an assignment at the Amador Hotel, full of history and supposedly haunted. The Posse head for the hotel for a lockdown to begin the hunt for ghosts.

This is a fast-paced and short novel with little time to catch one’s breath. Hector, Marcos, Bev and Tony make up the Paranormal Posse and they are a good bunch of characters to take our hand as we enter the Amador Hotel. There are numerous viewpoints including some fascinating interviews from people who have been to the hotel and witnessed strange events including a wedding celebration being disrupted. Something is lurking in the shadows of the hotel and it doesn’t seem to suffer guests gladly. We soon get to the lockdown itself where the book’s biggest chills can be found. Posse member Hector has had his plans somewhat disrupted by the arrival of his son, Darren, who he brings to the hotel in an attempt to re-establish a relationship. The question is do the Posse discover ghosts in the Amador Hotel or is it all a complete hoax?

I enjoyed Amador Lockdown. It never stops to waste time in pondering insignificant things. Instead the story moves along at an electrifying pace and is hard to put down. I read 80% of this book in one day and would have finished it had I not started late in the day. There are few books I can say that about. The different viewpoints are fascinating including perspective of whatever is haunting the hotel. Russell builds the narrative up well to a very surprising conclusion. You’ll think you’ve got it sussed but then that final segment hits you and it hits hard. Completely unexpected. My only complaint is that the book is too short. It was over too quickly and I was left wanting more but that’s the sign of a good writer though, right?

Amador Lockdown is a quick but exciting ghost story. Although it won’t take you long to get through the experience is a worthwhile one and the ending is well worth the wait.

Verdict: 4/5

(Book source: reviewer received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review)

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  1. I read the review to my hubby and he said that was an excellent review. Oh a quinceanera is a big birthday celebration for 15 year old girls in Hispanic cultures. Like in the southern US Debutante or cotillion balls were a big thing. :-)

  2. Hi David!

    I haven't had the pleasure of reading Amador Lockdown yet, however, I couldn't move onto the next post without agreeing 110% with your comment re: Hollywood not being able to dish out the frights anymore! The last 3 movies that I've paid good money for the get a scare out of have left me wanting to say the least. Perhaps it is time I started to invest my money in books like this instead?

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