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#FlashFiveFriday – Date


This month Mr B and I are taking part in #FlashFiveFriday run by The Indie Exchange.

#FlashFiveFriday is a weekly flash fiction / flash blogging prompt.

The rules are very simple if you’d like to take part:

1) Write for no longer than five minutes
2) No upper or lower word limits
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#FlashFiveFriday – Date


There is a great line from The Smiths’ song “How Soon is Now?” which goes, “I am the son and the heir, of a shyness that is criminally vulgar.” In my teens and young adult life I often felt that description captured me, it still does at times. I didn’t really have many dates when I was a teenager, always too shy to ask the girls I liked or if I did pluck up the courage they were never interested. As Kurt Vonnegut once wrote, so it goes.

I used to get hung up on girls I had never asked out but today I can look back and be proud that I wasn’t braver as it may have changed the whole course of my life and prevented me reaching the point I am at now.

In late 2008 I met my now wife, Donna. We were just work colleagues to begin with but by February 2009 we were good friends and used to have a drink or two after work. We agreed to go to the cinema together on another occasion, just as friends, but by the evening we had come to realise it was something more. Donna told me she had feelings for me and after overcoming the shock of her being interested in me I told her I felt the same. We were officially a couple a few days later and have been together ever since. I suppose you could say we’d had a few dates prior to getting together, we just never realised it at the time.


Funny I should read David’s post before starting mine because I was going to write about how we probably had very different ideas about what our first date was. In actual fact it seems like we’re on the same wavelength when we both remember the cinema.

Dave’s right. It wasn’t our first ‘date that’s not a date’ date. It wasn’t even our first official date. It was one of the bravest dates of my life (using the other meaning of the word), when I thought ‘Sod it’ and declared how I felt and then felt sick but determined.

Then, 18 months ago, another signficant date: our wedding day. I felt nervous but determined, knowing that sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Don’t get me wrong – I knew I’d marry David pretty quickly. But someone told me I hadn’t seemed the marrying type and asked what he did to change me.

I guess the answer to that is sometimes there are things in life that make you brave enough to take the plunge – be it a first date or a significant date. If it’s good enough, it might be both and change your life forever.

Author: Donna Brown Donna is a longtime book lover and sometime book reviewer and has devoured books from an early age. She writes short (or long) stories as and when inspiration hits and is married to fantasy author David M. Brown (Fezariu's Epiphany, A World Apart). She was also co-contributor to David's book, Man vs Cat, a humorous look at life with six rambunctious rescue cats. Donna has lived in many different areas of the UK over the last 30-something years but has remained in Yorkshire for the past decade. She ardently disputes the misnomer that 'It's grim up north'.

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  1. Pavarti K Tyler
    Pavarti K Tyler 2 years ago .Reply

    Awww, I love it! What a great post. I really enjoyed reading it from both sides!

    • David M. Brown
      David M. Brown 2 years ago .Reply

      Thanks for commenting Pavarti.

      It's always nice to reminisce :)

  2. Gregory S. Lamb
    Gregory S. Lamb 2 years ago .Reply

    I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing how you both complement each other's stories. Seems you're both as lucky as I am – when you're married to your best friend, life is good!

    • David M. Brown
      David M. Brown 2 years ago .Reply

      Thanks for commenting Gregory.

      We both feel very lucky to have found one another :)

  3. JC Andrijeski
    JC Andrijeski 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah, agreed, especially with this one, it added so much to read both sides…very sweet posts, both of them. I wish you many, many happy years together!

    • David M. Brown
      David M. Brown 2 years ago .Reply

      Thank you for commenting.

      We're hoping for many years too :)

  4. vickie johnstone
    vickie johnstone 2 years ago .Reply

    This is sooo cute! Love the post and the two perspectives! Donna, you were one gutsy lady :)

    • David M. Brown
      David M. Brown 2 years ago .Reply

      Thanks for commenting Vickie.

      Good thing it wasn't down to me :)

      • Donna Brown
        Donna Brown 2 years ago .Reply

        We'd probably still be together but still having lots of 'dates that weren't dates'

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