Man vs Cat: Out Despite My Efforts…

Man vs Cat

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It’s out! Despite my plotting to keep Beard Face from releasing Man vs Cat, he is prancing round like a fool today celebrating its release. Sure enough I see it is now available in all manner of places and now the silly fool is saying that a paperback will follow in the next couple of weeks. Doesn’t he realise he is giving all of our secrets away? Buggles’ love of Twilight, Charlie’s quest for world domination, Razz’s crazy obsession with food? Okay, so I’ve given a few away there myself but any moron only needs to spend an hour in our house (by which I mean ‘the cats’ house’ as we’ve pretty much wrestled it from Beard Face and Frizzy Hair) before clocking those things.

Sigh… Oh well, I couldn’t stop its release. Next stop is to just try and prevent the bearded cretin from revealing anything else in future books….

About Man vs Cat

Man vs CatHistory has known many famous cats – Garfield, Mr Bigglesworth, Simon’s Cat, the Aristocats, the Cheshire cat and the Keyboard Cat on YouTube.

In recent years these feline things have replaced man’s best friend as the most popular pet in the U.S. while the Ancient Egyptians once worshipped them as gods. This was a mistake and I’m here to tell you why.

Man vs Cat is the story of one man, one woman and the six cats that changed their lives forever. To the woman they brought love and affection, to the man they brought sleepless nights, fear, paranoia and even ruined his jigsaw. Need I say more?

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