Gifts to Give on a 25th Wedding Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary is a real achievement. Couples celebrate their two and half years together in many ways. Some opt for elaborate vacations while others plan large parties to enjoy with friends and families. The unwritten rules surrounding gift giving for a 25th year anniversary are determined by tradition. The 25th wedding anniversary is normally symbolized by giving gifts of silver.

Traditional Silver Gifts

Traditionally, gifts for the 25th wedding anniversary normally comprise home décor and jewellery. Some people present flowers put in a silver vase; others give picture frames with pictures of the married couple. However, giving silverware is the customary gift for the 25th wedding anniversary. Additionally, you can give a standard pece of silver jewellery including a necklace or earrings. These are fine compliments and traditional gifts for 25th wedding anniversaries.

Modern Silver Gifts

Modern gifts are normally given to the husband and wife. While silver jewellery boxes or keepsakes are ideal for the wife, men may appreciate other types of silver gifts like a pair of silver cuff links. It is also practical to offer modern gifts than traditional ones. Silver tie tacks are ideal men gifts while silver key rings can be given to the man as well as the woman.

Alternative Silver Gifts

Alternative gifts comprise items that are practical or etched in superstition. Practical gifts include pieces of silver, sterling silver letter openers, silver razors and polished belt buckles among others. Superstition plays a role in gift giving. For instance, positioning a silver horseshoe on an archway with its opening facing upwards is a sign of good luck. Permanent Pieces of silver décor like silver-plated figurines and glimmering sets of encased silver coins make nice items to offer on a 25th wedding anniversary.

Beyond Silver

Although silver is the most traditional gift to offer on a 25th wedding anniversary, other attractive options also exist. Some people give green garnets to their friends or family members on their 25th wedding anniversary. Another attractive gift that can be offered is the andradite, which is a fine piece of gem that radiates in colour and elegance. In addition, giving bouquets of irises is an alternative for avoiding placing too much emphasis on silver as a gift and maintaining traditional etiquette at the same time.

How To Receive Gifts

There are proper ways to give and receive gifts. Some people receive gift items that they ask for while others receive items that are a complete surprise. Here is how you can receive a gift to leave a lasting impression on the gift giver.

When receiving gifts from friends and family, it is only polite to appreciate the gift. After all the most important element of gift giving is the thought put into choosing one and offering it. It may seem awkward when the gift givers are looking at you to see your reaction when opening the gift. Do not dwell so much on how you should react when receiving a gift. Keep the response short and positive.

However, gifts from strangers present a completely different scenario. This has an awkward element attached to it. Receivers do not have the option to give back gifts nor decide not to accept them. Therefore, it is completely ok to open the gift and be in appreciation. Obviously, a stranger who offers a gift is someone who really admires you and has gone through the troubles of finding the right gift for you. You may give a gift in return. However, it is important to thank the stranger for being so thoughtful.

When receiving a gift that you asked for, it is important to give a very cheerful response. It will not hurt to exaggerate a bit and do not be embarrassed about that either. People love to watch the excitement about gifts they offer. It is important to show gratitude for the gift and let the gift giver know you really appreciate the gift.

Show appreciation in words, emotions and expressions. Do not just verbalize the appreciation but also show it through handshakes and hugs. The emotions should show that you are thankful for the thought the gift giver put into finding a gift and offering one to you. Receiving a gift may seem awkward but go out of your way to show appreciation. This will create a win-win situation.

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