Book Excerpt: The Pharaoh’s Cat – Maria Luisa Lang

B-Lines and Felines: Excerpt
About The Pharaoh's Cat
The Pharaoh's CatKicked in the ass, a stray tomcat in ancient Egypt can now do the impossible—talk and act like a man, make ancient Egypt funny, visit New York City, bring the Pharaoh back from the dead.

The cat, who narrates in the present tense, is exploring a looted tomb when he is kicked by the Vizier, the Pharaoh’s uncle and second only to him. The cat retaliates by spitting a cat amulet at his attacker, hitting him in the forehead.

The Vizier wants to kill the cat on the spot, but the High Priest of Amun-Ra intervenes. When the High Priest says the cat cannot stand up to his accuser and speak in his own defense, the cat suddenly finds that he can. The Pharaoh enters the tomb, hears the cat hurling wisecracks at the Vizier, and laughs for the first time since his parents’ death.

The Pharaoh takes the cat to live with him at the royal palace, and a bond of love soon forms. The High Priest becomes the cat’s friend and confidant. From him, the cat learns that the cat-goddess Bastet has given him his powers, but not why, only that she will one day ask him a question. The Vizier becomes an even more vindictive enemy as the Pharaoh, inspired by the cat to become a stronger leader, curtails his powers.

When the Pharaoh and the cat return from a tour of Egypt, the Vizier murders the Pharaoh, blames the cat, and orders him executed. The High Priest rescues him, and they travel through time to New York City, where they stay with Elena, a prominent Egyptologist’s daughter. They go to an ancient Egyptian exhibit, end up in Central Park, then at a cathedral, and later retrieve a lost spell to revive the dead.

They return to Egypt to revive the Pharaoh, but the spell fails to work till Bastet appears to ask the cat to give his life in return for the Pharaoh’s. He says yes, but Bastet only needed him to agree for the spell to work. The Pharaoh is resurrected, kills the Vizier in battle, then returns to the world above after making the High Priest pharaoh in his place.

The High Priest reigns for seven years with the cat at his side. A rebellion forces them to return to New York City, where they find Elena pregnant with the High Priest’s child. For her, only months have passed. The cat immediately senses that the child she carries is the Pharaoh reincarnated.

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Maria Luisa Lang
Maria Luisa LangMaria Luisa Lang was born in Rome, Italy, and lives in New York City. She has a degree in art from the City University of New York, and her artwork has been exhibited in New York galleries.

She often returns to Italy to visit her family. She has also stayed for extended periods in Bath and London. She loves all animals and is an amateur Egyptologist. Her love of cats and ancient Egypt inspired her to write two novels about them. The Pharaoh’s Cat is her first novel. She has almost completed its sequel, The Lady of Mystery.

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