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Water Sports

In 2009 I began working with Mrs B on her website FemaleGamers reviewing the latest console games. Sadly, our other commitments meant the website couldn’t continue and we brought it to an end early in 2010. I’ll be using this blog to review all the games, recent and not so recent, that I encounter. With Mrs B’s kind permission, I’ll also be posting some of the reviews I previously worked on, so don’t panic if they refer to previous years and months.

Water Sports (2009) – Wii

Water SportsNot to be confused with the Wii Sports games, Water Sports is independent of the popular series but does offers a similar layout to Wii Sports Resort. This time the events included all take place out on the ocean but with dry land always in sight. The question is does Water Sports offer the same variety and appeal of the Wii Sports titles?

The first thing that hits you about Water Sports is how few events there are. You are given a choice of Kite Surfing, Wind Surfing, Water Craft Racing and Wake Boarding. At first glance I hoped these were preliminary events you had to master in order to unlock further activities but sadly you are restricted to just these events in Water Sports. You are, however, given more options when it comes to location. Whichever event you prefer you will have the choice of taking to the water in Hawaii, Australia, the Republic of South Africa, France, California and Florida. You can also pick from one of three unisex teams with the ladies taking part in the majority of the events leaving the gents to show off their skills in the Water Craft Racing.

Water Sports utilises either the Wii controller solely or if you want to test your balancing skills why not hop on the Wii Balance Board? Whichever event you choose, the balance board will steer your character left and right while the controller allows you to perform a series of tricks. If you’d prefer not to highlight your lack of balance (like me!) then the Wii controller can handle both the steering and still allow you to show off some tricks as well.

The four events are quite similar in their general layout. Throughout the aquatic courses you will be able to guide your characters up ramps to perform impressive jumps and help collect coins strewn around the area. As you traverse each location you will rack up more points for any tricks you can perform but setting the fastest time is always going to be the most highly sought after goal for gamers if they want to see their name on the leader boards. A series of checkpoints divide up each course and help to keep you pointing in the right direction. While Water Craft Racing pitches you against a group of opponents in a frantic race the other events are more about acquiring points and completing the course as quickly as possible.

Of the four events I found Water Craft Racing or Jet Skiing to be the most fun and involving. Wind Surfing was by far the toughest of the four, requiring additional movement with the Wii Controller just to get you moving. Add to that the difficulty of not just avoiding obstacles but a group of fellow surfers who are reluctant to move aside for you and you will begin to get some idea of what you are up against. What a relief it is that there’s a lot of space out on the ocean.

Though Water Sports boasts popular events and a nice variety of locations it soon becomes a hindrance having so little to choose from. Two difficulty settings offer more of a challenge but there just isn’t the same amount of choice that was offered in the highly addictive Wii Sports Resort. Though the game offers multiplayer options and will appeal to families, I just don’t think there is enough to sustain the title. Doubling the amount of events with a bit more variety would have paid dividends but unfortunately the experience soon becomes monotonous once you have tried each event in all the locations.

Water Sports has the right idea in trying to capture the essence of the Wii Sports games but the limited nature in terms of the events offered and longevity will likely alienate many gamers. Though fun for a time, Water Sports soon loses its appeal.

Final Score: 55%

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