#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts: #19 – Fireworks


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#BlogFlash2012: #19 Fireworks


I used to love watching the fireworks on Bonfire Night in the UK. My best and most destructive memory was when someone (not me, so don’t go there!) left a box of fireworks in an armchair outside (it’s a long story!). This in itself wouldn’t have been a problem but the armchair wasn’t far from the fire itself!

Consequently, a stray spark landed in the box, those babies went off in unison and the armchair did its best impression of The Towering Inferno. No one was hurt thankfully and I can smile about it today.



As pretty as I found fireworks when I was younger, your perspective changes considerably when you become a pet owner. Now, when I think of fireworks, I think of ways in which to keep my cats calm, to shield them from the worst of the bangs and flashes. I think – with dread – that we will have to keep Kain (the only cat we have who likes going outdoors) in for several days prior to Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. I curse when the fireworks start weeks before they have any logical reason to and continue long after the event. Call me miserable, lacking in a spirit of fun – the safety of my cats trumps pretty colours any day

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  1. Donna, pet and kids don't go well with fireworks! We have the same issue with Elizabeth around 4th of July as people in our neighborhood do fireworks for weeks right at her bedtime. Poor kid is terrified.

    1. Thanks for commenting Angela.

      I bet she's terrified. I can imagine it must be tough for children given how fireworks seem to get progressively louder each year! You'll need to sing to your daughters in a Yorkshire accent, so loud it blocks out the unpleasant noise outside :)

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