#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts: #21 – Night


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#BlogFlash2012: #21 Night


I prefer night to day. Not only do I work better at night, I’m not an early bird but a night owl, I imagine sprawling cities such as New York and Tokyo and compare them by day and by night. There is something more beautiful in our architecture when it is lit up against the night sky.

The cosmos competes well with the glittering stars of course but a city illuminated and rich in colour is always a tremendous sight to behold. A symbol of what we are capable of as a species.



I cannot sleep at night right now.

I was never a great sleeper but thankfully now I can sleep – just not at night. As it begins to lighten, I start to relax, ready for sleep at around 5-6 a.m. I think it’s since our hideous neighbours arrived. Knowing that Mr B will be ever vigilant during the day, perhaps I feel it is my duty to take the night watch and keep an ear out. As the sun rises, I relinquish my hold on my tension and trust in Mr B to keep us safe.

I miss sleeping at night. I miss mornings with my husband. I miss feeling safe.



Talk about your home, sweet home.

How appropriate to get this prompt today because – as you’ll see from my entry for ‘night’ above – my home feels far from sweet these days. Noisy neighbours have turned our sweet safe haven into a frustrating box to sleep in. Visiting my mum the other day, I realised how quiet it was. No loud music, no banging so ferocious that doors in our own cabinets rattle. My cats, once settled and happy, now seem anxious and edgy. I wonder if it is time to look for a new home, sweet home. For now we hope that they will find a new stomping ground…

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  1. I can certianly relate to your neighbour situation, my heart goes out to you. One's home should always be a sweet sancutary.

    Dave, I completely agree, one of my favourite times was wathcing an open air viewing of LaBoheme in Trafalgar Square at night this past May. The ambiance of a city, espeically one like London with it's incredible architecture and storied past changes at night. Great posts!

    1. Thanks for commenting Melina.

      Yes, our neighbours seem to get worse by the day sadly :(

      Trafalgar Square at night must have been pretty special. Thank you for sharing your memories :)

  2. The night sky is gorgeous and a city-scape lit up is magical, I love the idea of life going on under the stars!

    I also hope your sleepless nights tail off and things get back to normal, there's nothing worse than lying awake and worrying…

    1. Thanks for commenting Lisa.

      I agree that a city at night is indeed magical.

      I fare much better than Tweedle Dee when it comes to getting sleep. I do hope things improve for her real soon.

  3. How very sad your neighbour situation and the feeling of being unsafe in your own home because of the darkness and the stress they are creating. I don't know what to suggest. :-((

    I love cities at night. I have been on the London Eye twice and both at night., London is so pretty at night. You can't see Harronds during thr day from the Lndon Eye but at night due to its lighting, it is clearly visable. What a bonus to a beautiful skyline. xx

    1. Thanks for commenting Lizzie.

      Yes, the neighbours are a nightmare but there is little if anything we can do about them sadly :(

      I haven't been on the London Eye but if I did I'd want it to be at night. I bet London looks amazing.

  4. Dave – I'm more of a night owl and seem to do my best work after dark. I agree that our architecture looks more amazing at night and in my mind picture Paris and a trip up the river Seine seeing all the famous landmarks lit up – a fantastic sight.

    Donna – I really feel for you. Bad neighbours can have such a destructive effect on our lives and unfortunately, they're the ones who rarely move house. I had it once. Everytime I put my baby daughter to bed, they put music on which was so loud it made everything rattle in our house and woke my baby up. I got my revenge. We were going away on holiday and had to get up at stupid o'clock in the morning (I think it was about 3am). I checked they were all asleep, turned the speakers to face their wall and put on a track with an underlying heavy drum beat to it as loud as I dared, setting the cd player to keep recycling the track until we were ready to leave. I never had anymore trouble from them! I hope you get a reslution soon so your home can become your safe haven once again.

    Great posts from both of you and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for commenting Carlie.

      I'm imagining myself on the Seine at night. What an amazing view it must be.

      Yes, the neighbours are nothing but trouble. We know they're renting the house behind us so maybe they'll be gone soon. Would be nice. It's not a nice atmosphere for Donna or for our cats :(

      I enjoyed your tale of revenge against the neighbours. I'm sorry you had to go through all that.

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