#BlogFlash2012: 30 Days, 30 Prompts, 30 Posts: #5 – Frustration

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#BlogFlash2012: #5 Frustration


Many things frustrate me – slow loading times online, those that unlawfully claim benefits or avoid taxes, the majority of reality TV shows. However, there is one thing that really annoys me and sadly I encounter it every day.

I was raised to be a polite and well-mannered person so it’s hard when you brave the streets to find good manners are dying a death. Holding the door for someone and not being acknowledged, people pushing past as if you’re not there, politeness seems to be in decline in the UK and once it’s frustrated me I’m just left saddened.





Frustration, as exampled by any or all of the above:

Missing the bus by 3 seconds

The cheque arriving 15 minutes before the bank closes – when it takes you half an hour to get there

The person ahead in the queue buying the last chocolate muffin

Elation, as exampled by realising that any or all of the above frustrations are easily shaken off.

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  1. Unfortunately, David, lacking manners is not just a UK problem. I'm doing my part over here, though, by teaching my sons to respect others. They hold open doors, say thank you when others hold doors for them, and I've taught them to NEVER let a door slam in someone's face. Which means actually paying attention to whether someone is walking behind you. Now it drives my 10yo crazy when others do that. I guess he'll be blogging about it in 20 years…

    1. Hooray! At least there will be some polite people in the next generation. Seriously, though, these small acts cost nothing. They usually don't take any extra time, just a little care. So glad your 10yo is getting that!

  2. Bad manners do frustrate me along with mising the bus/train by seconds. As for banks, well taking four days to clear a check before we can get our hands on it is highly frustating when it only takes seconds for one pc to talk to another PC. that's frustration . .or bureaucracy . . much of a muchness. x

    1. Oh Lizzie, that is SO true. And adding on an extra working day to pay in via ATM? But then saying "Oh did you know you can use the ATM?" when you try to go to a cashier. Grr! lol :)

  3. I remember sitting in my Women's Studies class being taught how rude it is and objectifying it is to allow a man to hold the door open. At the time I was a rabid femme-nazi and I sat up and went WAIT A MINUTE? WTH? It is rude and objectifying to have someone hold a door open? SO if a woman were to hold the door open for me who was a lesbian she would be objectifying.. but if another woman held the door open for me who was say… a mom of three with her own hands full would she be rude? OR just considerate. grrrrr I concur! So tired of this. I know I come of as crass at times, but I was raised to say thank you, yes Ma;am and Sir.. and to always hold doors for people oh.. and allow others to be nice to me!

  4. Since I just took both girls on a trip by myself, I am so incredibly grateful for people who can see that I have my hands full with a car seat and whatever other stuff and hold the door open for me. I am guessing they can see the thankfulness in my face even as I say it. It always makes me smile at how polite Elizabeth is when refusing things. She says such a happy little "no, thank you" Manners are definitely something we are teaching the girls and Elizabeth already gets frustrated when other kids are being rude.

    Donna, thank you for the reminder that frustrations are passing events and we can move beyond them.

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