#FlashFiveFriday – Broken

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#FlashFiveFriday – Broken


Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is notable for being one of their best songs but it often makes me think of the dreams of all of us, especially artists. As a writer I have many dreams, some within reach, others maybe out of reach, depending on what the future holds.

I’m not a greedy person. I’m guilty of once dreaming big and being the next JK Rowling, the male equivalent anyway, and having millions of sales to my name but those things no longer seem important to me now.

Thanks to my wife, Donna, I have lived the dream of publishing not one novel, but two, and a short story collection as well. Finally realising this dream was a key moment in my life and in many ways took a lot of pressure off me but it wasn’t achieved alone.

What dreams remain though? Well, to be a full-time writer, earn a modest income, enough to pay the bills which would be amazing but again that is a dream that is far away and maybe beyond reach. Sadly many of our dreams are destined to lie broken, a cluster of irreparable pieces behind us.

I know that not all of my dreams will come true, that many times I will walk the same path as Green Day on that lonely Boulevard of Broken Dreams..




My head is broken this week. It gets this way sometimes and nothing will fix it, not sleep, not painkillers, not caffeine, not lack of caffeine. Not even chocolate!

It happened once when I was in my early twenties. Five days in hospital and more tests than you can imagine and then suddenly I was fine. They were baffled before concluding ‘It was your body’s way of saying something needed to give…’

When my head is broken, I know it’s my warning sign. I need to pull back from things a little, enjoy a little family time, stop pushing so hard to get everything done. Some things will always remain ‘undone’, life just doesn’t work any other way.

At times like this I walk away from my laptop and enjoy lunch with my husband. Or a few hours reading. Or a visit with family. I forget the to-do list and the emails and the messages. I know the world won’t end if they remain unanswered.

When my head does not feel broken anymore I will return to the norm and be more than content. Perhaps it’s a warning sign, you say. Nobody’s head should ‘break’ so often. You could be right. But I’m a do-er and I’ll always be a do-er and if my head isn’t broken and there are hours in the day, then things will be done!

Just not this week…


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  1. It's always so fun reading what you and Dave write each week. Your support of one another on this literary journey we're all on is inspirational. I hope your head is feeling unbroken so you can enjoy the weekend.

  2. Donna – I know what it feels like *hugs* I hope the pain goes away for you & that you are soon no longer broken.

    David – great post. You are on the road to living to dream. Keep at it!

  3. Thanks for your different takes on "Broken." I've broken my head before too, and it never feels like anyone understands. I'm sorry for you Donna, but a little glad for the company.

    Dave, we all have broken dreams. I'm trying to focus on just reshaping some of them instead of staring around at the mess!

  4. Great posts!!

    David I totally understand and I'm right there with you as far as dreams, writing and life.

    Donna, I'm so sorry you have to go through all that. But I'm glad you know how to pull back enough to take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks for commenting Candy.

      I'll always pursue the writing dream and am happy with whatever success comes my way, no matter how big or little.

      I wish I could do more for Donna, at least take any of her woes away. The offer is always there if some kind soul wishes to fulfil my wish.

  5. I too forget that I need down time. I have a hard time saying no so my plate often fills too quickly and then I'm not sure what to do.

    (Sorry I'm so late making the Flash Friday rounds – super busy weekend combined with a super great book left little time for much else including sleep!)

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