#FlashFiveFriday – Turmoil

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This month Mr B and I are taking part in #FlashFiveFriday run by The Indie Exchange.

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#FlashFiveFriday – Turmoil


This is such a generic prompt that it’s hard to know what to write about. Do I go for some personal turmoil that has affected me in the past? Or do I look to global issues instead? I imagine that the vast majority of us are in the midst of some kind of turmoil at the moment. Wherever we go confusion and uncertainty reigns. It’s hard to feel fully secure in life and to be certain of where you’re heading.

I suppose I’m more sure of where I’m going and where I want to be now. Leaving university I had no comprehension of where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. Sure, I was writing but I knew that was a career that could only happen with a great degree of luck. I headed for the office environment to find somewhere to settle. First job after university I stayed for four years before finally caving in to maladjustment and leaving to go travelling.

A month travelling the world eased the turmoil in my life somewhat but as the days went by that sense of unease and uncertainty soon came crawling back. I returned to England and to the office jobs once again. This time I met Donna and found a new path and purpose, a change of direction that grounded me and helped to give a lot more perspective. It took some time before Donna gave me the belief to pursue my writing path but now I’m on it I at least feel the many moments of turmoil in the past beginning to abate. I’ll never be fully rid of turmoil but for now it’s in the midst of a deep sleep.





Whenever we visit my parents and they ask if we have news, I don’t feel bad about saying no. Instead, I feel glad for the lack of turmoil. What’s that curse? May you live in interesting times? I’ve realised our lives can be interesting, fun and fulfiling without the drama!

Of course, I wish someone would tell the cats that! They are constantly trying to create turmoil. Spills, tears, trying (and sometimes succeeding) to knock one of us downstairs – they’ve had me in A&E before now. But still, it’s not proper turmoil. It’s the tame, very manageable stuff that keeps life ticking over and prevents every day from being the same.

I know how lucky we are to have the life we do and for our ‘turmoil’ to be such a banal kind. I’m not saying life is easy but I know it’s easier than for some. And we have one another. And we have our cats (and yes, Dave, that is a bonus!). Perhaps we don’t live in times interesting enough to tell stories about at cocktail parties but I’ll let you into a little secret… we don’t seem to have a big cocktail party thing going on here in our neck of the woods.

Besides… have you tried getting a babysitter for six cats? No, nor have we. For a very good reason!

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  1. I feel at home reading the posts for this week's prompts. I'm home because I'm in the company of like minded thinkers and writers who are hopeful. Oh, and I have a grey and white cat sitting in my lap as I type these words. The dog is fed and walked and the other cat is sleeping on the bed. Life is good!

  2. I always love how down to earth and open both of your posts are, reflecting your different personalities yet also totally in synch in this way, too. Like Gregory said, I find them so relaxing to read…like a total "cut the crap" moment, it's great. Thanks for sharing, both of you!

  3. Your cats have sent you to A&E? They're making my Emma look like an angel …

    And I've learned to embrace a drama-free life. Soon as I got out of my twenties and had a child, I was over it! I'd much rather be boring and content.

    1. Oh yeah – my cat decided it would be good to play chicken as I was about to walk down the stairs! I was spared any serious injury but sprains and bruising meant I had to cancel a trip – maybe that was their intention?! It's taught me never to plan any time away from them less I incur their wrath!!

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