#BlogFlash2013: Day Seventeen – Water

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#BlogFlash2013: Day Seventeen – Water

There’s no doubting the necessity of water. Pretty much all of us need it in some capacity. I do laugh at you humans that say you hate the taste of the stuff. You need it to survive. You might as well say I don’t like the air that I breathe. That said, I can understand that one especially if Razz has just used the litter tray and the household air deteriorates into something out of a post-apocalyptic world.

Beard Face does right us with water. I have my own bowl of the stuff upstairs. The others have a bowl downstairs too and they also have a water fountain though they struggle with it. So many times it’s been switched off and yet they stand beneath it expecting the water to come out. This is one of the rare instances Beard Face can get one over on us but if he sees we’re waiting for the water he always turns the fountain on and even changes our bowls regularly. Perhaps he has a heart after all.

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